Hot Yoga and warmth in the heart of Helsinki

Tulijooga is a boutique-like, easy going studio that focuses on hot yoga. Our location is within easy reach in the heart of Punavuori, Helsinki. We are known for high quality teaching, customer friendly service and our yoga community. You will make friends fast in our studio.


We warmly welcome both complete beginners as well as experienced yogis. It's very easy to start yoga with us. We also have quite a few athletes in our studio as well as men and youngsters. Yoga practice can be a great supporting practice to other sports. Even once a week will hugely benefit your wellbeing.

Welcome to Tulijooga!


About Us

You can find us in Punavuori at Kivenhakkaajankatu and Punavuorenkatu street corner. We have 80 m2 studio space, reception, dressing rooms and showers.

Tulijooga's teachers are hand picked professionals. All have extensive bakcground in training and understanding of body mechanics. Safe practice is our top priority. 

Getting started with your practice is very easy. Make a booking from our class schedule and arrive 25-15 mins before class to the studio. Tell your name at the reception and we'll take if from there. Please note that front door is locked during classes so arriving in time is important.

Our teachers are experienced professionals and you are in good hands even if you have never tried yoga before. 

If you are coming to a hot yoga class, wear light clothing that allows sweating  (sleeveless shirt, shorts/leggings). Bring a yoga mat, a large towel to cover the mat, water bottle and shower towel. You can also rent mats and towels at the studio.  It's a good idea to drink water already the previous day and not to eat very rich meal 2-3 hours before practice.  

We tend to sit and lean forward a lot in today's information society. Getting older or doing intense strength training affects flexibility. In yoga our goal is to keep the body's normal range of motion. We move the spine by doing forward folds, backbends and twists. Yin yoga as low impact practice is very relaxing and suitable to all.  







We have quite a few male students at Tulijooga. You do not have to be flexible at all to start yoga. The goal is to find a normal range of motion in spine, joints and muscles. We guide classes clearly and in detail so that they are easy to follow.  

Yoga is a very good supporting practice to other sports. Especially strength training is a perfect combination with yoga. Yoga will maintain or balance the normal range of motion in your muscles and joints preventing injury. 

Yoga is also for Men

Range of Motion

Supporting other Activities

For who?

Tulijooga student base has men, women, younger people, older people - everyone practising in harmony. You can be a first time yogi or experienced yogi. Athletes get benefits from yoga to their own sports and may prevent injuries.You are warmly welcome to Tulijooga. 

About Us