Hot yoga, bikram-yoga, flow-yoga, yin yoga


Tulijooga's classes are mostly based on hot yoga, meaning that we practice in a heated room. In Yin Yoga we drop the room temperature but yin class usually follows a hot yoga and the space is quite warm always. It's a good idea to wear something light. Most of our classes are taught in English or both English/Finnish. All our teachers are fluent in English.


Hot yoga / bikram yoga  / 26 + 2 asana fixed sequence


Our basic class is original hot yoga. It's also known as bikram yoga or 26 and 2 practice.  We always do the same 26 asanas and 2 breathing exercises in the same order. You will learn the sequence fast and with careful and detailed instructions this is a very good choice for first timers. This sequence has been cut from larger 84 asana series and it's directed to balance out western lifestyle challengers. 

The sequence is a complete system to balance the body and mind. It increases pulse in intervals and improves the range of motion in spine, joints and muscles. 

The goal is to balance the body so it's both strong and flexible.  This class will make you sweat in a good way.



  • in booking system under name hot yoga, bikram hot yoga, Tulijooga hot, either 60 or 90 min classes

  • Tulijooga's basic class

  • raises pulse, profuse sweating

  • good for first timers and beginners

  • very detailed instructions

  • wear light clothing, bring a water bottle



Hot Yoga

Flow Yoga

Hot yoga, flow, yin

Choose a class that fits you: more rigorous hot yoga, move in flow with your breathe or increase mobility with grounding yin practice. 

Get to know our classes  and choose a class that fits you

Hot Flow-yoga, move with your breathing


Hot flow class moves from one asana to the next following ones breathing. The sequence varies for each class unlike in fixed class like hot yoga/bikram yoga. Wed do sun salutations and push ups that strenghten the upper body as well. 

Instructions are precise but not as detailed as in regular hot yoga. Hot flow is suitable for beginners as well. As it's best flow yoga takes you into a flow state where the mind relaxes and rests while the body moves. 

Temperature in the class is a little lower than in hot yoga. The heated room helps the body to stretch and open and muscles don't ache as they might after practising in a "cold" room. 


Yin yoga - calming and grounding practice that increases mobility


Yin yoga is practiced on the floor (no standing). It's a very low intensity practice that focuses on inner sensations of the body. Asanas are held relatively long and this calmness leads into a deep state of quietness and relaxation. Body opens gently and yet efficiently releasing tension from fascia. Yin yoga is an excellent counter balance for Tulijooga's other classes and effective way to calm the body and mind. Class varies for each class. Calming class that is suitable for all ages. 


  • in bookings system under yin yoga

  • asanas are practiced on the floor only

  • different sequence each class

  • low intensity

  • very suitable for first timers

  • opens fascia, improves flexibility

  • wear light clothes, bring a water bottle









  • in booking system under name hot flow

  • move with breathe from one asana to next

  • different sequence in each class 

  • suitable for beginners, slightly faster pace

  • wear light clothing, bring a water bottle


Yin Yoga